Oh my its October. Gosh. Being a housewife made me so forgetful how time flies. Sometimes i even cant tell what an exact date today is. Lol. Motherhood really make me forget about anything but my baby.

Lil bit of Hazel’s development. She is now have 12 teeth and taring is on its way to come out. Fortunately, Hazel’s teething pain is not that bad compared to her first few teeth. Just a mild flu and of course waking up at night. She now know where is her head, fingers, tongue and thump. And babbling a lot. Her babbling is like ‘poktou cocou njek njek nyah boh bahh boh’. Haha alien language.


There , my sumandak.

And last week we had a chance to visit tuaran crocodile farm. My last visit was may be 4-5y ago. Im bit reluctant to bring Hazel at first because im scared. Yes the crocodile. What if something bad happen. I imagining any of us fell down to the croc’s find and there…huushhh touch wood.


But nothing bad happen. Mummy was being paronoid.The place is well maintained compared to the previous. Watching croc is safer now since the bridgeo was upgraded to concrete which of course solid than a wood. What a relief. But still i never let Hazel walking on the bridge but wearing her.


Daddy and Hazel share a mutual interest. They both loves animal so much. Hazel seem really enjoying herself feeding the deer (or goat?).

Ermm who says that visiting local place is not fun. But yeah we dream to travel outside Malaysia. Daddy dream’s to visit his birth place, England but lets keep that dream first..and lets just concentrate to gather the kachinng first. :mrgreen:


Hola !

Motherhood is so much ‘fun’ than everything. It made you forget about makeup, blogging, shopping and etc. Sometimes, it made me forget everything about myself. Agree? How is life so far? Good. Nothing extraordinary but i could not grateful enough for everyday life that He gave me. Thank you Lord.

Last month, i celebrated my last 20’s birthday. Huh gonna hit a big 3 next year. I know im old. But getting older is a blessing! On my birth day three of us had a dinner outside and no candle blowing. I request to not to. Yeah as you get older cake and candle is less significant. Huh.

And last month, finally Hazel decided to walk. Yay. I thought no more gendong but she is getting even more manja than usual….hihi. She still happily breastfeeding and on formula too. As Hazel started walking, chasing her is my compulsory activity everyday. I never had time to put my butt on couch except when she is napping. And next milestone i hope she will achieve in a near future is talking. She barely say mi, d, tutu (susu), momom, baba ..hihi.

Okay meet you soon.

October 2014
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