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18 months

Time flies. My baby is a big baby now. So cerewet and complain a lot now. So demanding too. And super clingy most of the time. Hihi. But now,taking care of her is a breeze but raising her is more challenging now. She can properly walk now. Thus less babywearing but if she demand to, nah sakit pinggang juga. But still i prefer to babywear her whenever we are out. Safer!!!

She still breastfeeding and im thankful so far she is not a picky eater. She eat almost everything that i prepare for her. But one thing i must watch out is a JUNK FOOD. It’s a lie that i say i never give her a junk food. I did, i admit. Bad mummy? Whatever. Sometimes there is time that not in my control. When she sees her cousin, uncles, aunties, daddy and including me eating those junk food, she will wail and wail to ask. I had no choice to but to give her. Sikit ja la asal ada rasa.


January 2015
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