Coconut Oil

Since I posted this on Instagram, I’ve been consuming it. Took a tablespoon per day, as a cooking oil and sometimes i directly put them on my skin. It taste good (even ada rasa lemaklemak) and really love the aroma. As for applying on skin, I loves it’s moisturizing effect but a hot KK weather really did not permit me to. It’s a heavy. I mean oily. I sometimes put them on my hair few hours before shower.

Extra vergin coconut oil

Bought this at Cosway at Rm34.40

Hazel too, consume this. To my amazement, she did really finished a teaspoon in one go tho she give me a mummy-geli-juga-rasa-dia-ni look compare to the Seven Seas Multivitamin which is has a nice orange flavor. May be the aroma attract her to drain them right away. I also put them on Hazel’s soup. She seems like it. Bit of Hazel’s  eating habit nowadays… She refused porridge a couple of months ago and now eating rice. Yeah mummy job is easier now no need to spend time to cook porridge anymore. And she loves carrot (not the carrot itself) + garlic + celery +chicken soup and pasta. This is the only food she seem interest to eat (hahahah not to mention a junk food but mommy mesti pandai bah mau kasi tapuk kan).

Oh ya, I did apply VCO on Hazel’s rashes. Two months ago, Hazel got rashes on her forehead. Itchy and reddish. As the doc says, its a ruam panas and I applied Calamine lotion. It never getting better but worsen.  The skin on her forehead was peeling and dry. It took about a month to heal but then it did come again couple of weeks ago. I think nowadays hot weather trigger it. Whenever a red dot appeared even a few I will put VCO straight away. Good willing, the red dot subsided.


So any of you using a VCO? Mind to share your experience?

Mojo, where are you?

It’s not that i lost my blogging mojo but i just can’t find an interesting topic to blog about and for you to read. I have a lot uninteresting story but these days I prefer  to keep them. See? An aging symptom.  Missing those days posting everyday so called nice topic and share ‘what i ate today’, ‘what i did today’, ‘where did i go today’ and bla bla bla.

These days Instagram is my fav social networking, I feel good there. I stopped tweeting on Twitter about couple of months ago. Less Facebook nowadays. And sometimes I’m on Dayre. So, those platforms had summarize all I have been doing. What else I need to write here? Nothing much. Of course no want to read random boring ranting and bragging.

I was thinking to close this page and start a new on a free platform. Yes blogspot.

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