From rashes to food strikes to coughing

I think Hazel having the longest time of nappy rash. A month plus. I do everything to treat the rash. Putting nappy cream, diaper less at night, change diaper’s brand, putting corn starch and of course making sure the bottom part of Hazel is always clean and dry. Huh it was tiring. But it just won’t heal. Oh ya I did put a medicated powder on her but it only relieve for an hours and there the damn red rashes again saying HI. But thanks God, finally it healed sendiri.


Then, only a week after the rashes gone another ‘problem’ came up. Food strikes. She spit all her fav food from her mouth whenever i feed her. She only wanted mommy’s boobs and a plain water. Hazel relax saja but mummy yang tidak ketentuan. Worried. What if she collapsed due to hunger? *knock desk*. Then I introduced a ‘new’ food to her. A pasta. Yeah she seems like the pasta but yeah only for a few bite and she will move her head to the side and putting her lips together whenever I tried to feed her. Susahnya hati mummy.


The food strikes did not getting any better but another came up.


The scariest moment ever.


It was an early morning the day I should attend my assessment. She woke up and coughing . At first I let Ben handle it while me getting ready and cooking her porridge in the kitchen. Ben called me. Hazel was in tears. Took her and she started to cough a lot. Vomited 2 times. Her face turned red and she having a difficulties to breathe. And when she cough a ‘weird’ sound was heard. That was whizzing! This is no good I told myself. Ben quickly dressed up and we speed to Likas Hospital with a doubled signal lamp.

That was Hazel after on a nebulizer drug. The medical asst. said that Hazel is having an athsma symptoms but it turn not after the medication. Thanks God. But she still having a mild cough right now and was thinking to bring her to clinic this weekend. Just to check.

And the food strikes is getting better. She ate 3 times a day today tho the amount I still consider small. But syukur lah dia mau makan than none.

As a first time mummy, this is my first time facing all of these. It drove me crazy especially if comes to health issue. But it makes me a strong mummy!!

Okay..good day everyone!!!!


Lemon & Cinnamon

We should continuously praying for #MH370


Last December I bought a ShakeandTake blender. Yeah mahu sihat konon mau buat smoothie everyday. I found an online seller which offered a good price compared to the other seller. Paid and waited about 2 months for it to be delivered. But nothing arrived. Till the seller informed me that she cant deliver it and refund. Luckily.


After that event i dont bother to look for another seller. Disappointed enough. So making a smoothie everyday is only a dream not come true.


Ah forget about that.


I told myself i need something fresh everyday to kick start the day. Then one morning (somewhere in January) i saw a load of lemons and limau kapas in the fridge. I took out a mid size lemon and cut it into a few pieces and i saw cinnamon powder on my mom in law spices rack and sprinkled them on the lemon. Put them into a glass of water and leave it for about 1 hour in a fridge or more before consume.


Tadaaa!!! A detox drink!!! I knew some if you making this kind of drink.

I don’t know others but this drink somehow help me to eliminate wind and what I love so much is it’s function as a DETOX. Pigi tandas pun senang. Really.


So guys, what kind of detox drink you all consume?

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