MUA wannabe…

I’ve been wanting to attend a makeup class since forever. Last time I don’t have time but now since I’m a bit free so why not. Plus my sister found a cheaper makeup class at my hometown. It was a lot cheap compare to the rate that I asked around after considering the MUA’s experience. She had more than 5 years being a MUA.

Personally, I’m a satisfied student. Our class started around 10.30am and ended around 3.40 pm. Briefly, we were taught 2 techniques ; a smokey eyes and socket eye. She also give some good tips on choosing the right foundation, how to blend eyeshadow and contouring and shading.

So ta-dahhhh…… my so called touch. Of course the MUA still guide us on how to and she keep on checking on us if we were doing it right.


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What on my face?

Sari Ayu Cream Foundation, Sari Ayu Powder, Miss Rose Eyeshadow, Silky Girl eyeliner, dark brown eyebrow liner, falsies, Silky girl blush, contouring/shading powder and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (all provided by the MUA team)

Of course this type of make up is heavy. Not suitable for everyday use. I can say that what it was a bridal makeup we were taught. But never mind yang penting ada sudah sikit ilmu di dada untuk kegunaan sendiri. And who know I can be a kampung-kampung MUA.


p/s : Eyeing for this brush 227 Soft Definer from Zeova and 228 Crease from Zeova

Mommy’s Rants

We have been stayed at in law’s house for more than 4 months since January. But now we are back at our own crib. Hihi. At first I’m a bit malas to be back because I’m afraid of BORING. As I said only 2 of us during the day and i’m afraid for not having a friend to be chit chat with. But that one is last time. It is different now.

My growing Hazel really made my day hectic :). Yeah it is tiring but I can say that I love it to the max.  And now I have a nice little lady to hang out at home. We chit chat everyday. Laugh and giggle everyday. Sometimes we cry together. Yeah, you know a toddler. They also had those mood swings period. But so far so good. Im over it.

And now she is a toddler..urmm I could say that she begin to show off her anger and frustration to mummy. Throwing stuff to the floor and sulking…. huh.. And sometimes an attention seeker. If i dont pay attention to my baby (because of chores) sometimes she will tilt her head and making a funny faces and mummy’s heart melts immediately. Leaving the chores just like that and play a lot with her. And sometimes she will grab my face near hers. Shoooo cute isnt? Mommy out there, is your toddler also showing that kind of attitude sometimes?

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