Winner and Finalist Unduk Ngadau DBKK 2012

11.35 pm

Just now I had a chance to witnessed the 15 Finalists of Unduk Ngadau DBKK. It’s a Sodop Linundus of Unduk Ngadau DBKK. For tonight, the contestants would be judge based on the beauty and the design of their attire (If I’m not mistaken). The attire theme where traditional and modern were combined together. Uniquely, each attire worn by finalist having it’s own  name. Ah I can’t remember all of them.

Anyway, before i proceeds, I’m so sorry about the photo quality (not a clear photo). I only had 18-135 lens and my Nissin Di622 not compatible with EOS60.. :( . Anyway enjoy!! I back home early and I did not catch the winner. May be tomorrow paper will published the winner!

Update…the winner for Gala Nite  is here! And for the Second Night of DBKK available here and yeah you can check the winner’s picture here. Yes..the contestant No. 13 won the Crown ! Congrats!

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