Kopi Goji yang beracun

Senarai Kopi yang mempunyai racun

Just now read from mummynemo.com about the poisonous coffee and found the list at Unclehyree  blog . Thanks the sharing. At least we have to alert.

Yeah let’s down to the list! Some of the coffee brand i never new. And guys and girl do check. May be you ever consume them.

1. Cafe Abang Yes
2. Candi Gold
3. Candi 193
4. Extend Up energy Drink
5. Extremen,
6. Extrewoman
7. Goji Guarana
8. Goji Guarana Extra
9. Goji More
10. Goji Yumberrry
11. Guara Cafe
12. HBW Ice Lemon Tea
13. Hotton Vitality Candy
14. Ie2 O
15. King Cappucino
16. Knight Cofee
17. Kolek Cafe Power Plus
18. Kopi Angguk
19. Kopi Asmara
20. Kopi Bagus AAA
21. Kopi Campuran Kedai Kopi Ali Bagus
22. Kopi Pahlawan
23. Kopi Super Angguk
24. Kopi Tenaga Tok Lebai Plus
25. Maca Max
26. Macagin Ginseng Candy
27. Mentalk Candy
28. Nexus MXP
29. Night Cafe
30. Red Energizer Candy For Men
31. Royal Beverage Maqrifatun
32. Sasanergy Drink
33. Trica Jus Tri-Max
34. True SR
35. Vigor Candy
36. Vitca-F
37. Vitca-M
38. Winnie Beauty V1
39. XKL Sky Fruit Juice Premix

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