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Last week my colleague did say ” Moi, sa nampak muka ko ni sebulan kebelakangan ni mcm banyak jerawat sama tidak ceria … stress ka?”. Yes definitely! Who never stress in this very challenging world? Everyday is a stressing and tough day. But let not think that everyday is so stress. Take it easy.

Just now back from CKS for groceries shopping and as i passed by the personal care rack i saw this cream. Yes it is a normal and local brand cream. I used to be using it back then in my teenager time. And I really love it and really work well with my skin by the way. But now I’m not sure will this cream going well with my skin. I think I give a shot. Hentam.

Last week I been looking for facial night cream and yes of course there are a lot that you can find at any personal care store. I was thinking about Olay, Bio Essence, Loreal and etc but I think those product not worth with my money. Mahal2 bah tu harga. Please don’t call me stingy or what if I really bother to spend my money on the thing (facial night cream) that I really need.

And ta-daa! I bought this Safi at RM 7.99 at CKS!

Safi Pelembab Muka

Oh ya girls I want to ask you what product do you use for night cream?

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