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Sometimes I feel like i want to share everything here (blog). No matter what. My felling, my personal, my works stuff and everything. But sometimes I just too lazy and reluctant to share everything here. Jadi apalah konon perasaan begini ni? I’m not so sure. :).

For today I went to my after -1 -month operation review. The doc say everything was fine and today is my last meeting with him (doc). Since my case is normal and no need to follow up from them anymore. Thanks God everything is fine. But he (doc) says that I can always refer to them if  I have any problem.

Praise to the Lord!

Okey a bit of today story at the office. I don’t know why this mixed feeling appears again. At this moment I really can’t stand with the environment here. I know I’m a KULI only. Again KULI. I really want to throw the love letter to the boss. But bila fikir balik…I postponed it (again). Am I coward? Coward is suck right. Coward is not cool. I know it, I know it. Kalau ikutkan hati, memang sudah lama saya throw the letter but rationally I should not give up until I got the new job. Right?

But for sure I’m going to leave this company. It just a matter of time. I know something awaits me “there”. I hope so.

Happy Monday and lets welcoming Tuesday.

P/ S : I think i really want my ‘pills’ now. One of them is shopping.

Enjoy the Sabahan Troll below.

Sabahan Troll

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